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Haydn Gwynne of The Windsors: ‘Anytime I’m in the same room as Camilla, I’m bundled off’.

    ‘The Windsors’ Actor Haydn Gwynne Says Show Will Shoot Special Episode For King Charles Coronation

    In order to air in time for King Charles’ Coronation later this year, according to Haydn Gwynne, who plays The Windsors’ Queen Consort Camilla, a special episode of the comedy series The Windsors will be shot.

    “We will be filming another series that they have ordered later this year. But we’ll also be filming a Coronation special very shortly, Gwynne said on BBC Radio 4 Saturday.

    Gwynne added that after George Jeffrie, who co-wrote the series with Bert Tyler-Moore, passed away in 2020 from a heart attack, she first believed it wouldn’t come back.

    It’s incredible that Bert has managed to pick up the baton, and we’re doing it again, since I thought that would be the last of it.

    2016 saw the debut of The Windsors on the British television network Channel 4. In 2020, the third season of the show debuted. As the comedy’s name implies, it chronicles the tale of the British royal family, but it does so through the perspective of a soap opera.

    In the drama, Gwynne portrays Camilla, the Queen Consort. She admitted to having met the Queen Consort in the past, but since joining the comedy, Camilla has become a regular “removed” person from her presence. She said this on Radio 4.

    They don’t want the diversion, according to Gwynne. “I’ve almost backed away from the prospect of meeting her on a few occasions.”

    Later on in the interview, when asked to explain how she portrays the Queen Consort on film, Gwynne made a joke that seemed to relate the play to how Prince Harry describes Camilla in his book Spare.

    I thought my Camilla had nothing to do with the actual Camilla, but I’m starting to wonder whether Prince Harry has been watching too much of The Windsors in addition to everything else he has been watching.

    Prince Harry said in his book Spare that he and his brother begged their father not to wed Camilla. Their protests went unheard, and in 2005 Camilla married King Charles. In a recent interview with ITV, Prince Harry claimed that Camilla started a deliberate plan at this moment to improve her public image by leaking information to the media.

    Stories of her private discussions with “Willy” started to appear everywhere in the newspapers, Harry said. “Stories with incredibly precise details, none of which, of course, came from Willy. Only the one other person present could have leaked them.