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After Wife Kelly Ripa's Netflix Comments, Mark Consuelos Loses It Live.

Is it just us who didn't realize Netflix still offered a DVD delivery service? Kelly Ripa, host of the Live morning show,

apparently didn't know either, and she had (by far) the best reaction to learning this information.

The media company's rental service, which dates back to 1998, was discussed by Ripa, 52,

and her husband and co-host Mark Consuelos, 52, on a recent episode of Live with Kelly and Mark.

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On September 29, 2023, the DVD mailing service,

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which currently delivers movie and television show discs to customers' doorsteps, will send its final disc.

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The Riverdale alum informed viewers that the DVD-by-mail service would formally be ending in a video clip posted on Live's Instagram page.

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Wait a minute, Ripa says in utter disbelief. Is Netflix still shipping discs? Consuelos exclaims, "Right? ", just as surprised as his wife. No one knew.

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