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Angelina Jolie Fell Out of Love with Brad Pitt after Watching Him as a Gym Trainer in His $168 Million Movie.

One of Hollywood's most bittersweet love stories is that of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.

The former couple's personal life was nothing short of an emotional roller coaster as they went from...

...being the most famous "It" couple to having six kids and eventually divorcing after a protracted legal battle.

The couple used to talk about each other a lot but now prefers to keep their feelings to themselves.

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For instance, the actress openly admitted to having strong feelings for Brad Pitt even when he was still associated with Jennifer Aniston.

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The Oscar-winning actress also talked about the time she lost love with the Burning After Reading actor after seeing him in the black comedy spy movie's gym trainer role.

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In a previous interview, Angelina Jolie, who prevailed in a bitter legal dispute with her ex-husband over the Château Miraval winery last year,

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admitted that Brad Pitt's performance in the movie Burning After Reading caused her to stop loving him. Pitt stated the same in one of his interviews.

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