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AstroLaabh's Top 5 Zodiac Signs by Qualities

When all of the characteristics are taken into account, which zodiac sign stands out as the clear winner?

This has been one of the most contentious problems that has no clear resolution in sight. When it comes to the zodiac signs,

each of the 12 signs has a compelling argument for why it should be considered the dominant sign.

But the reality is that each sign has its own unique set of best and worst characteristics, and they all come with an equal measure of both positive and terrible qualities.

So, as promised, here is some material that goes into detail on the characteristics that are associated with each zodiac sign, ranked from one to five.

The Cancer sign is ruled by the Water element. This sign's inhabitants are very instinctual and emotional. They seldom ever let anyone in on their thoughts and feelings.

1 Cancer

This zodiac sign is ruled by the Fire Elements. Therefore, those born under this zodiac sign are primarily concerned with their reputations and financial security.

2 Leo

Capricorn is the third zodiac sign on the list. People born under the sign of Capricorn prefer deeds over words. And because of this, their deeds always speak louder than their words.

3 Capricorn

Water rules over the zodiac sign of Scorpio, which is dominated by this element. Thus, those born under the sign of Scorpio tend to be enigmatic, sensitive, and possessive.

4 Scorpio

Mother Earth is the element that rules over Virgos. They pay close attention to even the smallest details of what is happening around them. And because of this, people frequently describe them as odd and meticulous.

5 Virgo

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