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Child Misbehavior according to zodiac signs

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If Susie won't share her toy, Little Aries gets impatient and behaves impulsively. Avoid your child stealing.

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Tauruses argue steadfastly. Anticipate to win the argument.

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You should sprout eyes in the back of your skull soon since this air sign is crafty.

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Lack of sleep or food might cause mood swings. Cancers are loyal, yet feeling overwhelmed might change their demeanor. Crabs, indeed!

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Give up on this sign cleaning their room. They won't. No Even after a thousand begs. Leos are stubborn and lazy. If the bedroom suddenly sparkles, check the closets and under the bed.

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Perfectionists born this time of year are rigid if their goals fail. Expect a breakdown if a play date or pool closes.

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Libras are aloof and neglect assignments or their heads if they're not attached. You may be called during the day to bring their forgotten lunch, flute, or show-and-tell item.

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That meme where a kid opens all the bananas to get back at his dad? Same treatment. Scorpios are cunning and vindictive. Frogs in shoes with your child!

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Sagittarians often go silent. Fire signs react calmly and optimistically to unpleasant situations.

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Beware when your small Capricorn sulks. If things don't go her way, expect angry comments and keep going—this sign is gloomy.

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Aquarians are witty, but they don't take things personally, so sometimes their jokes are at others' cost. Prevent your smart Aquarian from overusing sarcasm.


Be prepared for their outspoken personality when they wake up! Pisces, a water sign, is known for keeping grudges.

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