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Cole Hauser Announced Season 5 Episodes for "Yellowstone" Fans

Fans of Yellowstone, based on what Cole just said, it might be time to return to the ranch for season 5 part 2.

The actor's Instagram followers are aware that he rarely makes any posts about the Paramount Network series.

However, everything changed on April 15 when he uploaded what might have been a status update on the show at the time.

The fifth season of Yellowstone's midseason finale aired back in January, as viewers may be aware.

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Despite unconfirmed rumors that the series is ending,

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there has been no word about filming beginning despite the second half of the installment being scheduled to premiere this summer.

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Cole appears to be aware of the exact moment that the cameras will begin to roll, though.

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The actor claims that the cast of Yellowstone may finally be reuniting behind the scenes.

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