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Daily Predictions for April 23–29, 2023

An eclipse passage is taking place right now. This week falls in the interval between a lunar and a solar eclipse. A solar eclipse occurred in the final degrees of Aries on April 20, the previous.

Week. On May 5, the moon will completely block out the Scorpio full moon. These are tense, dramatic, and passionate moments.

The signs of Aries and Scorpio are both controlled by the planet Mars, therefore this week, all signs of the zodiac—and especially those with Aries and Scorpio placements in their birth.

Charts—are being impacted by Mars-like energy. Frank Ocean, a Scorpio, has been causing a media frenzy with his cryptic Coachella performance choices, which makes sense.

This final week of April, it's important to stay hydrated, rested, and focused on finishing up loose ends. It is the perfect time to explore our dualities and ever-evolving natures because Venus,

The planet of love, is in Gemini through May 7. And Venus's transit through Gemini wants us to always remember to laugh, dear cosmic friends. Despite the fact that it is eclipse and retrograde season, we shouldn't take ourselves too seriously.

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