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Days After CNN Termination, Don Lemon Walks Red Carpet: ‘I Don’t Have to Rush to Another Job’

Although many things have been leveled at Don Lemon, camera aversion is most definitely not one of them.

Days after CNN fired the former star anchor, Lemon strolled the red carpet Wednesday night and told the media he was ready for his next chapter.

Lemon stated on the red carpet at the Time 100 gala in New York City on Wednesday night, "I don't have to rush to another job — even if I want another job,

"I want to return to work. However, I am fortunate enough to be in a situation where I am immune from such concerns.

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Despite his departure and alleged workplace misconduct, as reported by Variety, dominating headlines,

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Lemon was upbeat and smiling while speaking to numerous media outlets at the gala.

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"I'm doing well, and I'm here to celebrate," Lemon said to Entertainment Tonight.

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I'm glad to be here... I'm glad to be going in a different route.

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