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Faith Hill and Tim McGraw's Daughter Gracie Glows Makeup-Free Selfies

Yesterday, April 24, the oldest daughter of Faith Hill and Tim McGraw shared the natural results of what...

...she described as a stress-induced facial makeover with her Instagram followers. However, you'd never know it.

The singer captioned a pair of selfie-style photos in which she was seen at home in front of an impressive...

...set of built-in bookshelves wearing a black camisole and displaying a tiny tattoo of the female gender symbol on her shoulder.

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"I stress tweezed my eyebrows today and picked at my face," she wrote.

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She looked fresh-faced and in no way like she had been picking at her skin,

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but she did appear to have a touch of blush and highlighter on her nose and a brush of gloss on her lips.

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One of the many fans who expressed sympathy wrote, "Same!.. followed by stress eating 4 cups of yogurt with walnuts, and regretting that choice.

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