Brush Stroke

Friday 4/28/23 horoscope by Christopher Renstrom

When you're caught between a proverbial rock and a hard place, it's always a smart idea to bide your time. In addition, you appear to be in good company.


Do not linger on your losses.  Make the most of the current circumstances, and you might find that you gain in another area.


It appears that you will be helicopter lifted out of your difficult situation, which is fantastic. However, you might want to alter your strategy in order to prevent this from happening again.


As long as you remain dependent on others, you will never be able to achieve the independence you desire. The instant you stop being so accommodating, this changes.


You're putting in a lot of effort for a particular person, but is it worthwhile? In your opinion, the response is in the affirmative.


Planetary energies are erratic and aggressive right now. When operating a bumper car, you can't anticipate a smooth ride.


Loyalty must be valued in some way. If the person you committed yourself to is deserving, it does. By day's end, you'll learn if he or she is.


It's true that money should be spent, but you might want to keep your spending in check.  You've taken your financial bacchanal a little too far.


Focusing on past errors won't be of any assistance right now. It's crucial that you change your route as soon as possible. You may avoid repeating mistakes if you learn from them.


Things were beginning to look a little shaky at that location, but it now seems as though a client or customer will make the payment after all.


When you initially spoke, the circumstances weren't favorable, but today the outlook is much better. Certain things are worth the wait.


Do you really have what it takes to go it alone? Most likely not. Therefore, it would be wise to be cautious when issuing ultimatums.


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