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God bless her, Kim Kardashian will always find ways to throw me off.

Kimberly Kardashian spoke on a Time 100 panel on her work in criminal justice reform and her preparation for law school.

I am aware that her stated ambition to practice law and the route she took to accomplish so have stirred up a lot of emotions in people.

My final words are: Wonderful! Exactly why not? Be bold, Kimothy.

I would be thrilled for my friend if they were taking the baby step and attempting to educate themselves in this field.

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I adore it whenever someone makes the decision to commit themselves to something new, return to school,

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or reevaluate who they are. And if it's a person who's It warms the cold dead corners of my heart that she is adding to her...

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...plate in a way that might actually have meaning for people who need it despite being generationally wealthy and able to sit comfortably...

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in Calabasas for the rest of her life while producing shapewear and endless seasons of her reality show.

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