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Grimes says AI-generated songs can use her voice.

Grimes has other plans than those of the major record labels,

who have tried to stop him from using AI voice tracks of well-known artists in his songs.

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Grimes wrote on Twitter late Sunday night, "I'll split 50% royalties on any successful AI-generated song that uses my voice.

She said, claiming she has no label and "no legal bindings," "Feel free to use my voice without penalty."

Brush Stroke

At this point, Grimes' Sunday night tweet appears to be nothing more than a late-night tweet with the potential to develop into something later.

Grimes said the profit sharing could apply to "viral" or "super popular" tracks that already exist but didn't go into much detail about how such agreements would operate.

Grimes is not the first musician to use artificial intelligence and voice cloning tools.

In 2021, experimental musician Holly Herndon debuted Holly Plus, her own synthetic voice.

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