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Hailey Bieber Wears a Transparent Dress and Thong with Justin Bieber

The world's most fashionable cities' sidewalks and runways have been dominated by sheer clothing this spring.

Translucent (and occasionally risqué) layers make up the provocative trend. There are countless styling possibilities, from gauzy blouses to transparent skirts.

During a low-key outing with her husband Justin Bieber in West Hollywood on Sunday,

Hailey Bieber presented her own perspective on sheermania.

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She appeared for the date wearing a transparent white dress with lace trim on the bustier and hem,

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which was just above her knees. She was dressed in a matching white bra and thong underneath.

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The founder of Rhode kept it simple with black Nike Air Max sneakers and white ankle socks,

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a black shoulder bag, and a gold chain as her accessories.

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