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It's not ladies' night. 8 divas in 'American Idol' bottom 10.

In yet another brutal Season 21 elimination episode on American Idol, the top 20 were reduced to the top 12 — yes, already! — on Monday.

Following Sunday's overnight public vote, Wé Ani, Warren Peay, Haven Madison, Tyson Venegas, Colin Stough,

Brush Stroke

Marybeth Byrd, Oliver Steele, Iam Tongi, Zachariah Smith, and Megan Danielle were the ten singers who automatically advanced.

As a result, only two spots in the competition remained, forcing the other 10 semifinalists to compete.

And it was impossible to miss the fact that almost all of those contestants in danger were female power singers.

Eight female pop powerhouses made it into what host Ryan Seacrest referred to as Monday's "danger zone,

" which may not have been all that surprising given how male folk/rock/country contestants almost always perform the best on American Idol.

One dynamite lady after another, beginning with the previous front-runner Hannah Nicolaisen,

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