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Jeremy Scott Reveals Katy Perry's Historic Met Gala Look Inspiration

The 2023 Met Gala, which will commemorate the debut of the most recent Costume Institute exhibition,

"Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty," is only one week away. We're looking back at the unforgettable moment when Katy Perry, who was dressed as a chandelier,

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literally lit up the Met Gala red carpet as the star-studded ensembles from previous years started to flood your social media feeds.

The look was created by Jeremy Scott, who at the time was working as the creative director at Moschino (he stepped down from the role earlier this year).

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The year was 2019, the theme was "Camp: Notes on Fashion," and he created the look.

The idea came to him to make something "rich and austere, like a fancy old-money mansion."

A chandelier, of course," the designer said. It would be the ideal accessory that nobody else would wear for Katy.

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Fans may remember that Perry wore two costumes that night: the chandelier for the red carpet and the equally popular hamburger dress for when she changed.

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