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Kaley Cuoco Introduces Daughter 'Tildy' to Horses: Today She Met Her Barn Friends

Kaley Cuoco is introducing her young child to some canine companions.

The Big Bang Theory alum, 37, uploaded a series of adorable and humorous pictures... her Instagram Story on Tuesday showing her 3-week-old daughter Matilda getting acquainted with her horses.

In the first image, the actress is seen hugging her young daughter and introducing her to her horse,

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Escarlata, in a stable. "Today, Tildy finally met her barn friends!" The photo's caption was written by Cuoco,

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an avid horsewoman who owns several horses.

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Cuoco posted a second image of herself gasping at her daughter as she gazed at the horse,

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gushing over their encounter. Carlata was wonderful! Examine their faces! She wrote, ""

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