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Man climbs California radio tower with "Free Billie Eilish" sign.

KTLA/LOS ANGELES — After an hour-long standoff, a man who had scaled the KTLA news tower in Hollywood on Tuesday safely descended.

Around 6:32 o'clock in the evening, the Los Angeles Fire Department received reports of the incident.

The man, who was sitting about 30 feet up the tower and sitting on the KTLA marquee, was seen carrying a sign that read, "Free Billie Eilish."

He was once seen strumming an electric guitar.

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The man was referred to by authorities as a "protestor," but it's unclear exactly what he was protesting.

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Another message was written on the back of the handwritten sign, which read, "MK ultra sex slaves Donald Marshall clones."

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Crews worked to safely remove the man while positioning a sizable inflatable airbag beneath the tower. He showed signs of being uncooperative and,

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 at one point, promised to leave the tower in 20 minutes, but he stayed there for more than three hours.

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