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Manchester City, Unstoppable, Crosses Arsenal.

After a year-long pursuit, City finally caught up to the league's top team on Wednesday. With less than ten games remaining,

City is now in position to win the Premier League for the third time in a row.

Manchester, United Kingdom It's hard to say with certainty exactly when Arsenal realized everything was over. After Manchester City's opening goal,

which came about 370 seconds into a match that had been promoted — for weeks — as the Premier League's great championship showdown, there was probably still hope.

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After John Stones' second goal, which was scored on a satellite delay after a video review not long before halftime, there may have been a glimmer of hope left. After all,

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the final few months of a season call for mental gymnastics, leaps of faith, and the ifs, buts, and maybes that soccer pompously refers to as "permutations." A draw might work. Perhaps a tie would keep the possibility alive.

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But the third objective was distinct. Rob Holding of Arsenal stood after the third with his hands on his hips and a blank expression.

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Gabriel Magalhaes knelt down on his haunches and appeared to be thinking about what grass is like. Thomas Partey began to firmly clap as a sign of support for his teammates. He succeeded in two before giving up.

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