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Nick Accidentally Reveals Gender—and Chance Reels Over a New Discovery in His Investigation

Tucker calls Victor, who is entering Society, from his suite to inform him that the contract has been signed and the transaction is complete.

As soon as they hang up, Victor will transfer the money into his account. He congratulates McCall on severing all ties with others.

Ashley complains to Abby inside Society about Jack trying to save Diane. When she could take it no longer,

she warned him that his obsession with the woman would destroy the family and the business.

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He replied by telling her to leave once more. Abby muses that perhaps Jack is correct and she should leave. Ashley charges that her daughter is siding with Jack.

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Simply put, Abby just wants her to feel calm. Ashley will not allow her brother to force her to leave her house.

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In order to go to the kitchen, Abby takes leave. Tucker sends Ash a text message that reads, "Leaving today. I have a gift for you. Will you visit?

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Sally and Nick walk into her suite. She takes a look at the pictures she has in her possession and exclaims,

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