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Nicole Kidman: "Now I can wear heels." Savaged Tom Cruise After $600M Star Left Her Heartbroken for Penelope Cruz

The actress Nicole Kidman, known for roles in films like Big Little Lies and Eyes Wide Shut,

was once wed to Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise. That is pretty well known,

but what is unusual is how she once brutally ridiculed the actor following her divorce!

On the David Letterman set, Nicole Kidman was interviewed in a video that has been making the rounds online.

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Kidman roasted Tom Cruise for his height and the fact that she could now wear heels freely shortly after her divorce because her intrusive thoughts had won.

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The hatred for an ex-lover is justified given that the divorce just ended.

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When Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman divorced in 2001, their marriage had been together for almost 12 years.

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After that, Kidman began giving interviews to tell her side of the story, and "Why?" was the crucial question that needed an answer from everyone.

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