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'Red Table Talk' cancellation is 'good' for Nick Cannon

On Thursday, the "Masked Singer" host's "Daily Cannon Show" featured a celebration of the "good" news.

Will Smith slapped the comedian when Rock made fun of Jada's baldness during the 2022 Oscars,

according to Cannon. "If there was no 'Red Table Talk,' then he wouldn't have slapped the s-t out of Chris Rock," Cannon asserted.

The "Wild 'N Out" presenter explained that he and Pinkett Smith brought their relationship problems "to the table" in 2020,

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to talk about the actress's "entanglement" with singer August Alina. He believes this is what caused Smith's irate response.

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Cannon, 42, said, "I don't want to know all this s-t about y'all," claiming to his radio show co-hosts that the couple was "royalty" before revealing their open union.

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"I just want to mind my own black business," he remarked. "I don't want to be in the kitchen with everyone else. Keep that s-t to yourselves, please.

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The "All That" alum's three children's mother, Abby De La Rosa, disagreed with him and warned him to "stop" criticizing the "toxic table."

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