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Shaq told Warriors-Kings halftime, "I farted."

TNT's halftime entertainment during Wednesday night's Warriors-Kings Game 5 clearly caused the heat. "I didn't pass gas," the analyst said, and Shaquille O'Neal agreed. "I burped.

O'Neal openly addressed his stomach troubles. "My boy Slice got me some laxative lasagna," he remarked. TNT's halftime performance during Wednesday's Warriors-Kings Game 5 generated hot air.

I didn’t pass gas,” the Warriors led Sacramento 60-56 at halftime. Barkley stated the Kings would "whoop their ass," but his panelist may have found a whoopee cushion. O’Neal stated he “already went right.

Brush Stroke

Here in my seat” when Barkley asked if he went to the bathroom. After a long introduction, the show didn't move on.

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After a commercial break, Barkley appeared in a badly Photoshopped gas mask. “Who in America would let everyone know they passed gas on TV?” Smith wondered. “Not.

Brush Stroke

Him Yes, who. O'Neal smelled and talked about his gastrointestinal issues. “My boy Slice got me laxative lasagna,” he said.

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