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Tesla not your thing? Top 5 electric vehicles

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Buyers who don't want a Tesla (TSLA) due to CEO Elon Musk's theatrics, the company's construction quality and parts and service troubles, or the Model 3 and Model Y SUV's popularity ask this question.

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Thus, here are my top picks in five categories that dominate American roads.

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Starts at $27,800Range: 247 miles

The cheap EV - Chevrolet Bolt EUV

With a catch, the 2023 Chevrolet Bolt is America's cheapest EV. The federal $7,500 EV tax credit makes it cheaper than the Nissan Leaf, which does not qualify.

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Starts at $48,400Range: 270 miles (Long range single motor)

The trusty sedan - Polestar 2

Swedish-made Polestar 2 sedan. Since 2020, the 2023 Polestar (PSNY) 2 has been available in front-motor or dual-motor all-wheel drive configurations, with the AWD variant having 476 hp and the single-motor version 270 miles.

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Starts at $45,995Range: 247 miles (standard range battery and RWD)

America’s choice, the SUV - Ford Mustang Mach-E

The controversy over whether this crossover SUV is a Mustang continues, as do sales. Ford (F) sold 5,500 Mach-Es in the first quarter owing to production downtime, but it might have sold more.

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Starts at $73,000Range: 270 miles (dual motor, standard battery pack)

The pickup truck - Rivian R1T

Aspirational adventure truck, the Rivian R1T. However, most people today acquire pickups as a lifestyle choice.

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Starts at $87,400Range: 410 miles (AWD equipped)

The luxury GT cruiser - Lucid Air

The Lucid (LCID) is a fantastic luxury electric vehicle.

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