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These are the three most magical zodiac signs, according to astrology

A probable Pisces once divulged to me outside of an ayahuasca retreat, "Everything confirms for me that we live in a magical reality.

"Congratulations, Kevin, and best of success with your woodwinds.

Magic is alive on a cellular level in the worlds we traverse, and we all have access to it, although some signs are more receptive than others.

If we consider the signs in terms of their elemental properties, their various forms of enchantment become apparent.

Fire-fueled, fearless, and fueled by instinct and impulse, Aries magic is best conjured at high velocities and temperatures.

Taurus magic is earthy and sensual, in the same way that an orgasm can alter your life and bone broth can bring you back from the dead (real kitchen witchcraft).

Gemini creates rituals with words. Leo transforms tedium into brilliance and maintains the inner child's enchantment.

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