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Tucker Carlson Monologue Is "Just Asking Questions"

Jimmy Kimmel mocked Tucker Carlson on Wednesday night by "just asking questions" about the former Fox News presenter.

After parting ways with Carlson, Kimmel admitted that Fox News "has been keeping a file of dirt" on him for future use. Kimmel pondered that.

He questioned, "What could they have on Tucker Carlson that would embarrass him?" before answering himself with further queries.

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Has he ever tried to purchase a fuel-efficient vehicle? Does he own any paintings that weren't created by Hitler?" he enquired.

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Is it feasible that they have images of him French-kissing Vladimir Putin while mounted on a horse? As he was speaking, a graphic similar to those.

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That frequently appeared on Carlson's show appeared, with those and other ludicrous conspiracies surrounding his abrupt departure from the right-wing network.

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