Brush Stroke

Tuesday, 4/25/23 horoscope by Christopher Renstrom

Brush Stroke

You're right, but acting like a victim weakens your case.  Head up.  Others will see injustice and change their minds.


Brush Stroke

Exist any unpaid debts still hanging around?  If you can, clean them up right now.  You want your finances to be secure.


Brush Stroke

Knowing beforehand gives you an advantage.  And thanks to a helpful hint or aside, you'll be well-equipped to handle a tumultuous situation.


Brush Stroke

Although everything seems to be in place, developments in a subsequent quarter will cause that to change.  It's a pleasant surprise, though.


Brush Stroke

Do what you want to do; you have help available if you need it.  It gives one more confidence to know there is a safety net.


Brush Stroke

Someone close to you asks you to get involved in a contentious situation.  Despite your hesitation, you are the best candidate.  Put your faith in your judgment.


Brush Stroke

The Sun/Saturn sextile depicts you stopping a potential catastrophe in its tracks.  Although it won't be enjoyable, it's best to clean up after others.


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