Brush Stroke

Warriors' Jack Nicholson is Zendaya.

Rappers E-40, Too Short, and Mistah F.A.B. make up a strong trio of local celebrity superfans for the Warriors, and we are eternally grateful to each of them.

J.oe Montana, George Kittle, and Christian McCaffrey were three other Bay Area sports stars in Thursday night's Western Conference Semifinals Game 2

However, we lack the visiting Lakers' star power, whose home game sideline frequently resembles the ensemble category of the Screen Actors Guild Awards.

up until Thursday evening. Zendaya, who is from Oakland, attended the game with her boyfriend Tom Holland, and she captured the attention of social media.

Though it might be too soon, I'm willing to think of her as Warriors country's Jack Nicholson.

The pessimistic perspective: She has a big movie coming out this year called "Dune: Part Two," which just dropped a trailer.

She didn't appear in the fictional Dune universe's Fremen tribe's body suit or nostril tube, the non-cynical point of view says.

She was actually donning a Warriors cap. (No generic NBA hat in the Rob Lowe style for the pride of Oakland!)

The cynical perspective: Her Warriors cap featured a black The City logo on a black background, which may have been an effort to not offend potential Lakers supporters among the moviegoing public.

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