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Zodiac Sign That Brings The Most Problems

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Scorpio has a long history of getting revenge. Scorpio is a stable water sign whose feelings are strong and deep. Scorpio has no middle ground. They either love you or hate you.

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Aries often get very angry. Mars is in charge of Aries, a ruling fire sign that is known for being aggressive. Aries is a brave thrill-seeker who loves to compete because they usually use their anger in a good way.

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When a Capricorn is mad, no one is safe from them. Capricorn is the most ambitious sign of the zodiac, and it is in charge of the house of status and work.

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Cancer has the power to affect people's feelings. Cancer is a primary water sign with a very good sense of what other people need.

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Aquarius is a sly person. Aquarius, a fixed air sign, likes intellectual activities. They have great senses of humor and are clever, funny, and silly.

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Gemini can be tough to trust. Gemini is a social, versatile, and excellent communicator. Even so, their dynamic.

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