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Zodiac Signs Ranked From Most Trusting To Most Suspicious

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8. Scorpio

If someone lies to you, even just once, you will never trust them again. And it's not that they lied so much as that they showed they couldn't be trusted. In other words, you trust someone until they break that silent agreement.

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7. Taurus

Since the love of your life broke your heart by cheating on you, you can't bring yourself to trust anyone else. You promised yourself that you would never put yourself through that kind of heartache again.

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6. Aquarius

You believe what people say because you think everyone is as honest as you are. And you're always surprised when they turn out to be bad, lying, backstabbing people who double-cross you.

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5. Virgo

You have a good sense of who you can trust and who you can't. Doctors, lawyers, and politicians are people you tend to trust, but self-proclaimed "experts" who don't have a title make you very suspicious.

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4. Cancer

Since you are honest and trustworthy most of the time, you expect others to be the same. Only when money is involved do you tend not to trust people.

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3. Gemini

When you trust someone, you bring out the best in them. You believe what people say. You trust them until they do something to show you why you shouldn't.

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2. Libra

People are a little less likely to lie to you because you are kind and trusting. People tell you their deepest, darkest secrets because they know from gut alone that you wouldn't tell anyone.

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1. Pisces

You are just a sweet little bird who sees the good in people even when there is nothing good to see. You are like God because you forgive everyone who asks for it, no matter how much they don't deserve it.

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