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Zodiac Signs Who Will Forever Love Their Dog More Than You

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They can tell their dog anything and no one will think less of them. They can cry, talk about their worries, and cuddle with their dog at any time of day. No feeling is out of bounds. So, their pet will always be more important to them than you.

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They never have to wonder how their pet feels about them because it's clear. The love is always there. Because their dog will never leave their side, they will always love their dog more than you. They'll always work together. Always.

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They love to help other people. But they love spoiling their dogs even more than they love spoiling their partners, friends, and family. After all, it's easy to see how much their pets enjoy the love and care.

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When they walk into a room, they can't expect their partner or friends to jump up and down. But this is what their dog will do. Their dog follows them everywhere and gives them kisses all the time.

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Dogs are busy and fun, which are two things a Sagittarius likes in any animal. They love being able to walk their dog around the block or throw the ball for both of them to get some exercise.

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They are always afraid that people will betray them, so they have trouble letting down their guard. Dogs, on the other hand, are much more trustworthy. You can count on dogs.

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Most dogs seem to be empaths, too, and so do Pisces. When you're sad, dogs will always be there to lick your tears and cuddle with you. When you come home, they will always be happy to see you and won't be afraid to show how they feel.

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